Experienced. Independent.

Advocating for Our Values and Our Communities.

Strong Schools

As an elementary school teacher and community organizer, I have fought for fully-funded neighborhood schools, an elected representative school board, and an end to school closings. As an organizer with the Chicago Teacher's Union, I have been on the frontlines in the battle to bring good-paying jobs to our neighborhoods, eliminate barriers to success, and create more affordable housing. 


Strong neighborhoods

As a mother and teacher, I know the importance of freeing our communities from violence and will work tirelessly to ensure our communities are safe for everyone. 

Strong chicago 

I will work to stop billionaire Governor Bruce Rauner and his cronies from rigging the system to avoid paying their fair share of taxes while middle-class and working families pay the price. I will always put the interests of our communities ahead of the special interests of billionaires and big business.

I am an educator, organizer, and advocate for quality public education, public safety, and good-paying jobs in the Illinois 5th District. I am raising my two children in Bronzeville and will fight for the future all our families deserve.
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What i've Achieved

  • Award-winning Chicago Public Schools Teacher 
  • Nationally-recognized community organizer for safe communities
  • Advocate fighting against school closings
  • Advocate helping to pass legislation for an elected representative school board for Chicago